screenprinting barrier tapeScreenprinting Barrier Tape for Custom Uses

This is a very cool and specific application! We custom screen print these massive “labels” for clients in the construction and fire production industry. They install fire barriers inside of buildings, also known as firewalls. Screenprinting barrier tape allow us to cater to the specific & often unique needs of our clients.

This custom tape is applied all the way around the barrier in order to prevent future construction from infringing on the the previous installation. These “labels” are made from a fire-retardant material that is SUPER THICK and TACKY. Once you apply this stuff, it isn’t coming off. These labels are also like 40″ in length… some of the largest labels that we’ve ever printed hahaha. Printed Fire Barrier Tape is probably the best name for this product. We UV screen print the material with a standard “Fire Red” also known as PMS 187.

We can put various types of adhesive on the back depending on the application and what you need your labels to stick to. We have in-house graphic designers ready to deliver artwork as you demand it. For most instances I always suggest that we create proofs and a sample or two for you to test out in person. It’s always a good idea to make sure that the shoe fits accordingly before rolling out production on 1,000 labels.

We do all kinds of cool custom stuff here in good ole’ Richmond, Virginia. NO JOB IS TOO CUSTOM FOR US! That’s why you’ll find us screenprintng barrier tape!

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