Printing Graphic Overlays Polycarbonate

Printing Graphic Overlays Polycarbonate Has Never Been Easier

We Specialize In Printing Graphic Overlays Polycarbonate and Panels For Electrical Controls, Panel Boxes, Power Inverters, Machine Panels, Control Switches, Interfaces, and Rack Units.

We can print and cut to almost any size imaginable! We offer several materials such as; vinyl, polyester, plastic, acrylic and polycarbonate. Plastic and Polycarbonate seem to be very popular. If you need twenty five panels – we’ll more than likely print it digitally or thermally, but if you need bigger quantity we can always screen print it and die-cut out the needed patterns. Generally for anything in low volume, it’s much easier and cost effective to digitally print and plot-cut out the needed holes/patterns in your artwork.

This is an example of digitally printed Ivivd Material with a Polycarbonate Over-Laminate. The customer only needed fifty pieces, but they were applying them on powder-coated substrates so we applied a 3M 300 LSE Adhesive, and it stuck like a charm. It still continues to hold up just as well as it did when it was installed two years ago. We can put various types of adhesive on the back depending on the application and what you need your labels to stick to. We have in-house graphic designers ready to deliver artwork as you demand it. For most instances I always suggest that we create proofs and a sample or two for you to test out in person. It’s always a good idea to make sure that the shoe fits accordingly before rolling out production on 1,000 labels.

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