This particular job called for 1,000 digitally printed vinyl decals with very thick and highly tacky 3M Based Adhesive and of course… our highly protective polycarbonate over-laminate.

It looks to be a decal for a power inverter – note how many various cut-outs exist on the actual decal. We can cut holes, squares and virtually any shape when you need a label to not only apply to your equipment, but you need it to contour around knobs, dials and buttons.

We always like to send a sample for testing before producing the entire batch. This seems to be a full-proof concept as sometimes even engineers can make mistakes 🙂

Polycarbonate decals are often used as overlays for panels, power systems, and electrical boards. Many equipment cases and power-coated panels have Polycarbonate decals applied to them to finalize the product and provide not only an image quality that pops, but one of the most durable decals and overlays on the market. Identity is important, especially when it applied onto your equipment and property of high value.

We can put various types of adhesive on the back depending on the application and what you need your labels to stick to. We have in-house graphic designers ready to deliver artwork as you demand it. For most instances I always suggest that we create proofs and a sample or two for you to test out in person. It’s always a good idea to make sure that the shoe fits accordingly before rolling out production on 1,000 labels.

No quantity is too small or too large!

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