Aluminum Data Plates

Modification Plate Labels – Produced on Silver Aluminum .003 Aluminum Data Plates

These .003 Aluminum Data Plates were produced on .003 Aluminum with 3M 468 Adhesive on the back. I wouldn’t quite call them identification labels, but they clearly serve an importance purpose. Did you notice the Tech. Dir. No. and the Date? This particular customer required some aluminum asset tags. It appears that they were using some form of metal stamp to update information on the actual labels themselves. Note the blank lines provided on the tag. .003 Aluminum Labels & Data Plates

I see this occur quite often when it comes to inspection labels, it’s as if each piece of equipment must get inspected and the updated information is then recorded on the label. Aluminum Foil Labels are often used for Asset Tags, Barcode Labels and commonly used to identify equipment via serial number or part number. .003 Aluminum Data Plates are a good choice as it is difficult to remove and deface without showing obvious signs of vandalism.

Sometimes we serialize them or include part numbers. If you need a blanket run of tags, we can produce them for you. .003 Aluminum Labels & Data Plates are a useful and lightweight method for creating identification. .003 Aluminum Labels & Data Plates can be used for for tagging and labeling machinery, equipment, power systems, pumps and so much more. Serial Identification Data Plates come in many colors. Aluminum tags for HVAC,  Our .003 Aluminum Labels & Data Plates can also be made in various thicknesses and we can custom-cut it to any shape or size. .003 Aluminum Data Plates are flexible and conformable to many surfaces and substrates.

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